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Dark Phoenix Movie Story

Produced by 20th Century Fox and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Dark Phoenix is one of the featured films or is included in the X men series. It’s a 2019 Superhero Action Film.

Starring Sophie Turner Jonas as Jean Gray and other casts of X-Men.

When 8 year old Jean Gray was once travelling with her parents, they met with a horrible accident bringing both her parents to death on the spot. Professor Charles Xavier takes Jean to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. 

While being in their Space Shuttle Endeavour Jean Absorbed all the Energy into her body to save the X-Men aircraft. Later Jean’s powers are greatly amplified as they blow up on the mutant celebrating on Xavier’s School. It was then revealed that Xavier had put walls around Jean’s young mind to save her childhood from her psychic trauma. With the newly enhanced powers these walls inJean’s mind falls apart only for her to experience rage, pain and trauma. She then travels to her childhood home only to find out that her father is alive and had abandoned her. Every past memory comes back crashing to her mind as she remembers everything about that accident and that it was caused by her telepathing in front of her mother. The X- Men comes back to take her back home but she refuses and the other part of her personality fights back in the process harming  Peter Maximoff and accidentally killing Raven Darkhölme before flying away. She goes from one place to another to ask for help but no one helps her. She fights and injures her own brothers and sisters but then Xavier gets into her head and asks her to read his memories. She realises what a threat she has become for humanity thus decides to give away all the energy she consumed only to discover that it can either taking up all her powers or worse killing her. Find out what happens with Jean. 

Dark Phoenix Watch Movie Trailer

Dark Phoenix Watch Movie Trailer #2

Dark Phoenix Release Date/USA

7th of June 2019

Dark Phoenix Director

Simon Kinberg

Dark Phoenix Producers

Simon Kinberg

Hutch Parker

Lauren Shuler Donner

Todd Hallowell

Dark Phoenix Music in the movie:

Hanz Zimmer

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