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Joker Movie Story

Joker; a 2019 psychological thriller movie based on DC comics, directed by Todd Phillips. This movie focuses on the life of a failed stand up comedian Arthur fleck played by Joaquin Phoenix. Getting disregarded by society and beaten up by the men travelling along or the people in the way. Being felt left out is the worst feeling ever, on it taking care of an aged mother at home was adding up to his demises. What turned this man to crime can never be understood? But soon Arthur shifts to crime and slowly rises to become a legend in the crime world. Soon everybody in the Gotham city is revolting by wearing the Joker mask. It leads to the wake of Bruce Wayne our Batman. Will Batman be able to fight the Joker off and stop his work of contaminating his Gotham City?

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Joker Watch Movie Trailer

Joker Watch Movie Trailer #2

Joker Release Date/USA:

October 4th 2019 

Joker Director

Todd Phillips

Joker Producers:

Todd Phillips

Bradley Cooper

Emma Tillinger Koskoff

Joker Music in the movie:

Hildur Guðnadóttir

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