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Directed by Jonathan Levine and written by Dan Sterling and Liz Hannah, Long Shot is a 2019 American romantic-comedy film starring Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron as the two main leads.

Years after Fred Flarsky notices those same eyes and that same smile in a party the sum belonged to his babysitter and crush Charlotte Field, who is now the States Secretary. Having recognized each other both soon start meeting again and again and after realising what a good writer Fred is Charlotte hires him to write her speeches and votes. After having hits of speeches they both start getting a lot closer for being called just friends. They soon get into a relationship but are opposed by Charlotte’s secretary Maggie as she says no one will accept their relationship.

Charlotte later gets blackmailed by her own boss because of a sensual yet funny video of Fred which reveals their secret relationship, she is asked to do whatever he wants if she wants to keep her secret safe. 

Upon telling this thing to Fred Charlotte explains that she will reveal their relationship to the public once his image is cleaned just how they want it to be. But being the literal stubborn guy he is, Fred declines and breaks up.

Charlotte is left heartbroken.

Download the movie now to watch what happens next. Will Charlotte leave her job for Fred and their relationship? Will Fred agree to pretend as a totally another personality for saving this relationship? Or will they both go on their own ways separately?

The movie got released worldwide on May 3rd, 2019.

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Long Shot Release Date/USA:

May 3, 2019

Long Shot Director:

Jonathan Levine

Long Shot Producers:

Evan Goldberg

James Weaver

Seth Rogen

Beth Kono

Charlize Theron

Long Shot Song Names in the movie:

Marco Beltrami

Miles Hankins

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