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Spies in Disguise is an American computer-animated movie of 2019 and is slightly based on a 2009 short Pigeon: impossible film. Produced by 20th Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios it is a thriller and comedy based movie.

Starring the voice-over artists as our two famous actors Will Smith as Lance Sterling and Tom Holland as Walter Beckett.

Lance Sterling and Walter Beckett are a team where Lance is easy on toes and charming Walter is an anti-social and messy guy.  Lance saves the world but the mind behind the gadgets is of Walter. The world is threatened by unknown dangers and the world counts on Lance for saving them whereas Lance counts on Walter and his gadgets to do the same. But this one time Walter’s new invention called ‘biodynamic concealment’ cracks the case because when injected by Lance, he gets transformed into a pigeon. 

Now Lance is stuck in a body of such a little bird but he can’t just let go of his duties towards the world. Thus he keeps finding new weird ways of saving the world.

Download the movie now to find out what happens to Lance? Will he be able to save the world from the upcoming danger as a small bird?

The film is known to get released on 20th September 2019. 

Spies in Disguise Watch Movie Trailer

Spies in Disguise Watch Movie Trailer #2

Spies in Disguise Release Date/USA:

20th September 2019

Spies in Disguise Director:

Nick Bruno

Troy Quane

Spies in Disguise Producers:

Michael J. Travers

Spies in Disguise music in the movie:

Theodore Shepiro

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