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Directed by Chris Addison, The Hustle is a Comedy- Drama movie of 2019. Starring our two very famous actresses Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson as two con artists. Josephine Chesterfield is played by Anne Hathaway who cons rich, sophisticated wealthy men and Penny Rust is played by Rebel Wilson who is a small-time con artist who coaxes men into giving her money. These two ladies meet on the train while being on their to French Rivera for the first time. Penny manages to get herself arrested and Josephine helps are by paying her bail and getting her out the jail. Josephine advices Penny to leave the country. Penny later realises that she was conned by Josephine thus she plans on taking revenge from Josephine. Penny asks Josephine to take her under her wing to teach how to be a better con artist. At first, everything worked as smoothly as butter but later money issues started boiling up. Penny and Josephine both try to con a millionaire but both failed miserably. But no one gives up and they found another man Thomas a famous App millionaire and they succeed in conning him, Thomas was made to leave the country. But the story doesn’t end here. Download the movie in order to know more about our two beautiful con artist and what happens to Thomas?

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The Hustle Release Date/USA:

May 10th, 2019

The Hustle Director:

Chris Addison

The Hustle Producers:

Rebel Willson

Roger Birnbaum

The Hustle music in the movie:

Anne Duddley

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